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Freelance software maker

I'm a software contractor with more than 15 years of experience working on websites of all sorts, mobile or desktop apps. My first website was built with Wordpress and whie I still enjoy this platform, I tend to gravitate towards ReactJS applciations.

  • Wordpress
  • ReactJS
  • iOS and MacOS applications
  • VR and AR
The aero lesson builder app dragging an audio component into a screen about plant cells.


I got into web development more than two decades ago and my programming journey started with Front Page . I made a website for my dad's business.... and I'm really glad that project is no longer online. I imidiately fall in love with the web and all the technologies it is based on slowly making my way into the Wordpress world, PHP, static sites and onto ReactJS. I consider myself a hacker, tinkerer and a problem solver who tries to find solutions suitable to a problem I'm faced with. I love colaborating with people on projects they're passionate about so if you'd like to team up, please reach out.