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iOS application for horology enthusiasts

Watch Case is an iOS application for horology enthusiasts who like to keep track of their collections. Watch Case works on iOS, iPadOS and the Mac allowing users to store information about their mechanical watches.

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The aero lesson builder app dragging an audio component into a screen about plant cells.


In 2018 my adventure with mechanical watches began by finding an old wristwatch owned by my grandpa. The watch spent 20 years in a drawer just wanting for someone to find it and start wearing it again. It was an old Kirovskie watch from the late 60's. I was drawn not only to its beautiful font-type but also to the overal history of watches from the soviet era. Finding that watch was like opening a pandora box to the inner geek in me. I started my long lasting research and fascination of the horology world and Watch Case was my response to systematize and organize all that knowledge.

A set of light themed components for the aero design system
The homepage of the aero design system docs website linking to principles and components.

What comes next

I consider Watch Case to be the most comprehensive app for watch collectors on the App Store. In the upcoming months I will be adding a few new features to extend the functionality on various devices. I'm also planning on making collections visible outside of the iOS ecosystem.

Project outcomes

Watch Case is available on the App Store encourage you to give it a try. The app is 90% free with a few more advanced features that are behind a paywall. I'm hoping to add some new featrures in the upcoming months.