Watch Case- 2021 Summary

I have big plans on how to make Watch Case even better.

Lots of new features and fixes. That is the summary of 2021

Back when Watch Case v1 was created, I used lots of custom designs to make the UI of the app. I also made some mistakes with the structure of the data layer that powers Watch Case.

It took some time to untangle the mess of data upgrades so the new version can be more flexible and bug free. And since the data migration was caused by my mistakes, I decided to make the app free.

2021 was also a year of bringing lots of modern iOS features to the app. I started supporting iOS, iPadOS and MacOS through Catalyst. I increasaed security by adding biometric lock and made the app flexible by allowing users to edit rows.

The app got dark/light theme and a few alternative icons. There is still A LOT to work on but I wrapped 2021 with solid foundations and some ideas where to take the app next.