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Still on Next.js but with a new theme.

I like working on my personal website and most of that work depends on the technologies I want to explore. Back in January of 2023 I switched from Wordpress to a static site powered by Next.js. And as much as I liked that approach, I wasn't really happy with the way my website looked.

Why switching to a static site?

Over the last ten plus yers this website was powered by Wordpress. I experimented with multiple themes and plugins working on my own solutions and also trying out the ones provided by the community. And during all that time, I wasn't able to find one that would work for me for longer than just a few months. I liked the ease of use of uploading new themes and tweaking them slightly... but I usually felt like I was limited by what the theme designed envisioned for it. I also hated the fact that with each of the themes I had to install more than 10 different plugins. It is not the way I would like my website to work.

A new theme

I think I finally found a look I enjoy tweaking and working with. This theme is based on an extraordinary work by Hamish Williams with a few small tweaks making it more aligned with my esthetics.

A look forward

I will be working on personalizing this theme and making it more "mine" step by step. I really love the work Hamish did on this theme and feel like any change I make has to be well thought out. Otherwise, I will lose the essence of the great work I'm trying to base my website on.