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Whats next for Watch Case in 2023

Watch Case gets semi-regular updates and most likely that wont change anytinme soon. However, the updates I released in the past and the one I'm about to release soon are quite substantial and worth talking about.

The app evolves

Over the last ten plus yers this website was powered by Wordpress. I experimented with multiple themes and plugins working on my own solutions and also trying out the ones provided by the community. And during all that time, I wasn't able to find one that would work for me for longer than just a few months. I liked the ease of use of uploading new themes and tweaking them slightly... but I usually felt like I was limited by what the theme designed envisioned for it. I also hated the fact that with each of the themes I had to install more than 10 different plugins. It is not the way I would like my website to work.

A new theme

I think I finally found a look I enjoy tweaking and working with. This theme is based on an extraordinary work by Hamish Williams

Looking forward

It's been pretty neat to see how popular the site's been on Github, with 500 stars (as of writing this post). It's also neat seeing how people adapt it to their own style and modify it, which is part of the reason I made it open source. I want others to be able to take it apart and see how it's made, learn from and improve upon it. That's what inspect element used to be like on the web, but with modern sites compiling and minifying and injecting garbled strings into css classes that's not as simple these days. The next best thing I could do was to open source it.

I look forward to continuing to use this site as a playground, and it'll be interesting to compare the next iteration to where it is today.